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Aluminium Polishing Ddfluor

Main features of Ammonium Polyfluoride

It is a two in one product, its use can replace aboth HF and ammonium bifluoride; it was developed with the idea of replacing both products in customers of both products, glass etching companies basically.

-It can also substitute and replace the ammonium bifluoride; the advantage is that the ammonium polyfluoride is liquid has no problem of aging, ammonium bifluoride over time always cakes, as a solid acid salt.

-It is far less aggressive than the HF. here we must briefly explain both HPQ and SDS. We take for example the HF SDS 70% / 75%, this is a highly toxic product that generates acute oral, dermal and inhalation, also is a very corrosive because it generates skin corrosion category 1A. The Ammonium Polyfluoride is just toxic and corrosive, simply. Then is safer than HF.

-Practically it has no vapor pressure, hence it is more manageable from the standpoint of industrial hygiene than HF.

Aluminium Brightening - Aluminium Wheel Cleaner - Aluminium Pickling

- Our exclusive formulated ammonium polyfluoride is extremely good for its use in aluminium brightening, picking, cleaning and the production of acid aluminium wheel cleaning solutions.

HF Alkylation Supplier

- HF is used as a catalyst in Alkylation units (refineries) for the production of high-octane gasoline.

Modified HF producer

- HF with alkad additive reducing vapor volatility for its use in refineries worldwide.

-For these physical / chemical reasons, it allows longer storage and more storage in vessels containing it, thus DDF ammonium polyfluoride may for instance be supplied in 1200 kg IBC. This is not possible in HF 75%. IBC may be used in HF in case the dilution is waeker, but then the relative cost is higher as we would transport more water.

-Environmentally it generates no HF vapor. Then polyfluoride has fewer risks.

-From a logistics standpoint, it is more manageable, being a liquid with good storage capacity per unit packaged and less troublesome than a solid. Certainly better than the HF and ammonium bifluoride.

-It is easier to dose than a solid, technically speaking, a pump is required and nothing more. More accurate dosing.

-This product works extremely well in Aluminium polishing, stainless steel pickling, boiler cleaning, strong industrial cleaning, etc. Also as a raw material in the mixing of ALUMINIUM WHEEL CLEANERS.


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