Fluoroboric Acid (HBF4)

DERIVADOS DEL FLUOR is a European leader in the manufacture of high purity fluoroboric acid, due to a long-standing track record in the production and delivery of this product across the world.

Our supply principles for HBF4 focus on quality, service, and expertise:

• Our high purity synthetic fluoroboric acid has very low level of heavy metals, compared to by product options.

• Thanks to its very low impurity level, our Fluoroboric Acid is ideal for the most demanding applications.

• We have a highly flexible filling system, which enables us to offer a wide range of packaging solutions to our customers. Jerricans and IBCs are our standard formats.

• Our continuous production and robust inventory, together with our logistic service, make it possible to offer just-in-time delivery to our customers’ facilities across the world.

Chemical Formula HBF4
Description Corrosive liquid
Appearance Colourless liquid
Identification CAS No.: 240-898-3
EU No.: 16872-11-0
UN No.: 1775
Purity Fluoroboric Acid 49-51%
Packaging Jerricans, drums, IBCs.
Transport ADR: 8 C1-II; RID: 8 C1-II; IMDG: 8; OACI: 8
Fluoroboric Acid (HBF4)


This substance is used in the following applications:

Printed circuit boards
Production of fragances
Metal surface treatment products
pH regulators and water treatment products
Washing & cleaning products

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