Fluorosilicic Acid (H2SiF6)

DERIVADOS DEL FLUOR is one of the key global players in the manufacture of high quality fluorosilicic acid since 1980, when DDF began to develop a synthetic fluorosilicic acid specific for water treatment, hand in hand with the Spanish Health Authorities. For more than 40 years, DDF has been a worldwide trusted source of fluorosilic acid, being certified by EN:12175:2006 and NSF (which grants that our product complies with the strictest standards for public health protection).

Our principles for H2SiF6 supply focus on quality, service, and expertise:

• Our high purity synthetic fluorosilicic acid, based solely on pure raw materials, has the lowest possible levels of heavy metals, unlike low purity by-product options from the fertilizer industry.

• We produce the widest range of concentrations on the market, from 20% to 47%. Being able to deliver our product in the right concentration, means lower transportation costs, less manipulation, and more efficient operations for our customers.

• We have a highly flexible filling system, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs in terms of packaging; carboys, drums, IBCs and ISO-containers.

• Our continuous production and robust inventory, together with our logistic service, make it possible to offer a just-in-time delivery at our client’s facilities all over the world.

Chemical Formula H2SiF6
Synonyms Hexafluorosilic Acid
Description Corrosive liquid
Appearance Transparent to pale-yellow liquid
Identification CAS No.: 16961-83-4
EU No.: 241-034-8
UN No.: 1778
Concentration Fluorosilicic Acid 20-47%
Packaging Polyethylene drums.
Tanks or rubber-lined containers of 20 MT approx.
Transport ADR: 8C1; RID: 8C1; IMDG: 8; OACI: 8
Fluorosilicic Acid (H2SiF6)


Fluorosilic Acid (H2SiF6), is an essential chemical in the following applications:

Water treatment
Surface treatment
Lead refining

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