Potassium Fluoraluminate (KAlF4)

DERIVADOS DEL FLUOR is a global leader in the supply of hydrofluoric acid and a wide range of inorganic fluorides, including potassium fluoraluminate.

Our KAlF4 supply principles focus on safety, service, and quality, and adaptation to customers´ needs:

• We supply potassium fluoraluminate in standard packaging and other specialized containers adapted to suit customers´ needs.

• Close cooperation with our clients enables DDF to supply a high-quality product that meets the highest standards.

• Our robust inventory, together with our integrated logistics service enables us to provide international just-in-time delivery to all our customers.

Chemical Formula KAlF4
Description Fine product of greyish colour.
Identification CAS No: 14484-69-6
UN No.:
Concentration > 83% KAlF4
Packaging 25 KG Bags and Big-Bags

Transport Classified as non-dangerous good.
Potassium Fluoraluminate KAlF4


Potassium fluoraluminate is commonly used in the abrasive industry as a filler, in the ceramic industry, as a flux and flatting agent and as a welding and soldering agent.

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