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Ammonium Polyfluoride Advantages

-It is a two-in-one product. It can replace both HF and ammonium bifluoride; it was developed with the idea of replacing both products in customers using both material, basically glass etching companies.

Ammonium Polyfluoride is a mixture between HF and Ammonia, which has proven very effective in Aluminium Polishing.

-It can also the ammonium bifluoride; its main advantage is the fact that ammonium polyfluoride is liquid and has no variations with time, while ammonium bifluoride may eventually cake , as a solid acid salt. Therefore it can be used immediately in production.

-It is far less aggressive than HF., therefore it is better used in many aplications. The Ammonium Polyfluoride is just toxic and corrosive, simply (not +). Then it considered safer than HF.

-Practically it has no vapor pressure, hence it is easier to handle from the standpoint of industrial hygiene than HF as leakage are unknown of.

-For these physical / chemical reasons, it allows longer storage and more capacity in vessels containing it, as DDF ammonium polyfluoride may for instance be supplied in 1200 kg IBC. Ammonium Polyfluoride has a higher content of HF (around 80%) but it may be transported in IBC. It is far more powerful and performing than a weaker acid. At the end of the day, it is a HF 80% with a mask for Ammonium Bifluoride

It may be considered as Ammonium Bifluoride liquid.

-From a logistics standpoint, it is more manageable.

-It is easier to dose than a solid, a pump is required and nothing more. More accurate dosing hence allowing for better handoling.

-Works particulary well in: Aluminium Polishing, pickling and Aluminium pre-treatment. Also in any heavy duty metal surface treatment, and in general in all acid cleaners, specially in aluminium wheel cleaner.




Blend of NH4HF2 and HF


Colourless liquid.


Polishing, matt etching and glassfrosting.

Pickling of foundry.

Aluminium surfaces polishing.

Cleaning of tubes and boilers.


80% HF
20% NH3


Jerricans orplastic containers and rubber-lined containers or tanks.

When temperature is below 4°C, it shall be stored under cover.



Ammonium Polyfluoride(NH4HF2) is used in

  • Metal industry (pickling of steels and other metals, surface treatment).
  • Petrol industry (crude oil drilling).
  • Aluminium industry (aluminium polishing).
  • Glass/Pottery industry (glass polishing, etching and frosting).
  • Cleaning of aluminium parts and air-conditioning devices.
  • Aluminium wheel cleaning.
  • Other industries, like textile cleaning and industrial laundry.


Amonium Polyfluride

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