Petrol Alkylation

Our company is the world’s leading supplier of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid for the alkylation of hydrocarbons. Refineries and petrochemical plants across four continents have relied on DDF’s service-oriented approach to AHF supply for over 50 years.

With our proprietary fleet of AHF-dedicated ISO containers, designed to meet the highest safety standards, and a specialized logistics team, we are able to deliver with just-in-time accuracy, as required by the industry.

DDF’s approach to AHF delivery goes far beyond supplying the product. We offer our clients a complete set of related services, from on-site client training to AHF destocking operations, and follow a proven methodology that puts safety at the forefront of our priorities. A decades-long free-of-incidents record is the best measure of the dedication we put into this goal.

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