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Derivados del Fluor

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About DDF

At a glance

Derivados del Flúor (DDF) is the European leader in the field of manufacturing and distribution of inorganic fluorochemicals, due to its capacity, know-how and expertise.

Back in 1947, it started as a division of Minerales y Productos Derivados S.A. (MINERSA), and it became an independent company in 1967. DDF is now part of MINERSA mining Group, one of the main fluorspar producers worldwide and from which DDF sources this strategic raw material for the production of Hydrofluoric acid. Consequently, MINERSA Group benefits from a vertical integration, from mining to manufacturing and distribution of inorganic fluorochemicals and anhydrite.

Major uses of DDF products are essential for daily life, such as: refrigerants, air conditioning, special polymers for the chemical industry, waterproof and breathable fabrics (i.e. Teflon®, Gore Tex®), aluminium, glass etching, solar cells, semiconductors, glass tableware, nuclear industry, lead free gasoline, stainless steel, self-levelling floors, etc.

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