Ammonium Polyfluoride

DERIVADOS DEL FLUOR is the sole ammonium polyfluoride producer worldwide, with a large production capacity.

Our principles for ammonium polyfluoride supply focus on safety, service, quality, and meeting customer´s requirements:

• We supply ammonium polifluoride in various types of homologated packaging (jerricans, one-way and multiway IBCs and drums).

• Close cooperation with our customers enables us to produce a tailored product in terms of quality, packaging, and logistics.

• Our continuous production and robust inventory, together with our logistics service, make it possible to offer a just-in-time delivery at our customers´ facilities all over the world.

Chemical Formula
Description Colourless liquid
Identification UN No.: 2922
Concentration > 75% HF
> 18% NH3
Packaging 65 Kg Jerricans, One Way and Multiway IBC, Container
Transport ADR: 8CT1-II; RID: 8CT1-II; IMDG: 8; OACI: 8
Ammonium Polyfluoride


Ammonium polyfluoride is commonly used in the polishing, etching, and frosting of glass.

It is widely used for surface treatments, for aluminium polishing and industrial cleaning, and in foundry pickling.

Ammonium polyfluoride replaces HF and ammonium bifluoride partially or totally in our customers´ production processes, due to its technical advantages.

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