Anhydrite (CaSO4)

Anhydrite is a mineral of the Calcium Sulphate family (CaS04). Unlike other minerals, such as gypsum (CaS04, 2H2O), anhydrite does not contain any water in its crystal structure: it’s an anhydrous compound. This feature, in addition to its specific crystalline configuration, make anhydrite a unique material with outstanding properties which are beneficial across many industrial applications.

The synthetic anhydrite produced by Derivados Del Fluor is supported by an Environmental Product Declaration of the International EPD® System, under registration number S-P-00387 , which guarantees a transparent, verified and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of the product.

Our principles for Anhydrite supply focus on quality, availability, service, and reliability:

• We produce, process and market a sustainable anhydrite, obtained as a coproduct within our industrial process. At present, we offer three different qualities: Industrial Anhydrite, Crushed Anhydrite and Micronized Anhydrite.

• We supply Anhydrite in bulk (silo truck, Intermodal containers, vessel) and other standard packaging solutions.

• Our continuous production and robust inventory, together with our logistic service, make it possible to offer a just-in-time delivery at our clients´ facilities all over the world.

Chemical Formula CaSO4
Description Crushed  or Micronized  of greyish white colour product
Identification CAS No.: 7778-18-9
Concentration > 92% CaSO4
Packaging Intermodal containers, silo trucks and vessel. 25 kg bags and 1 Tm Big Bag.

Transport Classified as a non-dangerous good.
Anhydrite CaSO4


In construction, anhydrite is used as a binder for the production of self-levelling screeds, replacing cement. This has many advantages, such as better fluidity for self-levelling, greater dimensional stability, high mechanical strength and outstanding thermal conductivity.

Anhydrite is also used in many industrial applications, like cement production and in the fertilizer industry.

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