Dry Calcium Fluoride

DERIVADOS DEL FLUOR, being part of Minersa Group, one of the biggest fluorspar producers worldwide, with mines in Spain and South Africa, guarantees and secures a stable supply of the raw material to our Ontón plant.

Our principles for Dry Calcium Fluoride delivery focuses on quality, reliability, service, and customer requirements:

• We supply dry calcium fluoride in bulk silo truck and intermodal containers, or packaged in bags or big-bags.

• A close cooperation with our customers enables a tailored product in terms of quality, packaging, and logistics.

• DDF benefits from the proximity of the fluorspar acid grade mines of MPD, the number one European fluorspar producer, with a stable and consistent quality and direct logistic service. Our large storage capacity enables a reliable service.

• Our continuous production and robust inventory, together with our logistic service, make it possible to offer a just-in-time delivery at our clients´ facilities all over the world.

Chemical Formula CaF2
Description Fine Product.
Identification EINECS N.º: 232-188-7
CAS No.: 7789-75-5
Concentration >97% CaF2
Packaging 10 KG, 25 KG Bags, Big-Bag. Silo Truck, Intermodal Container and Big-bag.
Transport It is classified as a non-dangerous good.
Calcium Fluoride


Dry calcium fluoride is mainly used in the electrodes industry welding rods, as a fluxing agent for aluminium in cement and steel industry.

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