Sodium Bifluoride (NaHF2)

DERIVADOS DEL FLUOR is the sole Western world manufacturer of high purity sodium bifluoride.

As the sole European supplier of this product, we’re fully committed to providing our customers with a quality product and the best possible service.

• We are able to deliver our product in 500 kg big bags or 25 kg sacks.

• Close cooperation with our clients facilitates continuous improvement in product quality.

• Our continuous production cycle, robust inventory, and logistics service enables us to provide international just-in-time delivery to our customers’ facilities.

Chemical Formula NaHF2
Description Sodium hydrogen fluoride
Appearance Free flowing white powder
Identification EINECS No.: 215-608-3; UN No.: 2439; CAS No.: 1333-83-1
Purity 98.5%
Packaging 25 kg sacks, 500 kg big bags

Transport ADR: 8 C2-II; RID: 8 C2-II; IMDG: 8; OACI: 8.
Sodium Bifluoride (NaHF2)


Sodium bifluoride has various applications, such as:

• Manufacturing of electrolytic tinplate.
• Tin/nickel alloy coatings.

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